Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

F*cking College Life


Well, mumpung belum sibuk jadi kuluangkan waktuku untuk nulis. Ngga terlalu berat sih isi postingan ini, but.... mungkin in this post, I’ll tell you about how my college life looks like.

At first, I thought it will be fun. It will be cool. So far away from home. No one can’t stop me to hang out at 8 PM till 10 PM. No rules. My mom will not get mad when my room is messy. I can do whatever I want. All i thought about was a freedom.

Well, I expected that I would find another fellas that I could hang out with. Some idiotic friends that would beside me every single day. Some new companions that would help me when I need them.

But just like people says, Don’t expect too much.

I almost think that I already have “That Friend”, but I was wrong. I felt that happy at first when I was with her. But, day by day, month by moth, I don’t know, but I felt that I’m not fit in with this girl. She was kinda annoying. So I decided to make some space from her.

And that isn’t the worst thing.
So, what’s the worst thing, Nid?

The worst thing is Nobody can accept you for who you are.

See the point?

Nobody can’t accept me from being an insane girl with her dirty mind, her sarcasm, her existence.
They forced me to be someone that I should be, but when I did that, I was dumped.

Is it wrong to be me?
Is it wrong to be myself?
Is it wrong to be different?
Well, I think no.

And I’m not the only one who think that you guys are so insane.

Some people around me feel the same feeling too.

And what the conclusion I get from them? All they want is the acceptance from being themselves.

Is it that simple? Just realise that we are really exist and we want to be your friends by being ourselves. No judgement or anything. Just accept us that we are your friend and we have our ways to life.

Just like Lady Gaga’s song, I just wanna be me,I just want to be free, and I want lots of friend that invite me to their parties. Don’t wanna change and I don’t wanna be ashamed”

Because, the worst thing about your college life is not about the tasks that you have, but it’s all about the rejection from being yourself when you are around your “friend”.

Well, sorry for my bad English. I’m learning to write in English.
This is the end of this post. So, see you!

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