Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

War is all I think about. How dare you to do this to me. Of course I am mad. I'm tired. I get dysfunctional and I'm so sick of anything that you have done.

My heart is beating hard when I know you did the thing that makes me so fuckin disappointed.

It hurts me a lot, dear.

Don't you dare to touch me or hug me. I hate you a lot.

I trust you, honey. I fucking trust you.
I always did.

You've promised me for a thousand times that you love me and everything.

But I am sick to be in love.
I am tired.

But in the other side, I need you a lot. I say that I don't need your hug. But my body keeps telling you, "Yes, I need that".

Then you try to calm me down and explain everything. You say that you won't do it again. You promise. And, as always; I trust you, honey. I fucking trust you. I always do.

Hoping that the problem is over, but there's still scar on me.

Please heal me. Because you are not just scar maker, but also my healer too.

I love you. I fucking love you.
I always do.

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